not to resonate with key leaders outside of the HR function.

2012 Will Be “The Year of the Mobile Platform”

By the end of next year, even the skeptics will have to admit that the mobile platform will have become the dominant communications and interaction platform by early-adopting best-practice organizations. The capabilities afforded users of smartphones and tablet devices grows immensely day by day. Long before unified inboxes existed for the desktop, smart device users could see all incoming e-mail, social messaging, text messaging, and voice and video messaging in a single place.

Tablets will become the virtual classroom, and an emerging class of tools will let employees manage almost every aspect of their professional life digitally. During the next year, talent management leaders need to invest heavily supporting execution of talent management initiatives across mobile.


New York, New York!

The top trends to emerge from New York Fashion Week include leather clothing, leather gloves, fur accessories, chunky cable knit sweaters, and men’s shoes for women.

The hottest color for fall for both men’s and women’s lines is oxblood, an inviting, deep maroon that is flattering to almost any skin tone.

Fashionistas who were hoping for more drama, glam and glitz may just get their wish as the fashion train travels on to Europe.

Kids Meal Please!

Articles: Local foods, healthful kids’ meals among 2012 restaurant trends/

Hottest Restaurant Menus Trends in 2012 Include Healthful Kids’ Meals and Locally Sourced Ingredients, According to National Restaurant Association

 “The American Culinary Federation has a long history of working with families to ensure that children receive adequate nutrition, so we are delighted that chefs have chosen to include healthful kid’s meals in the top 10 menu trends for 2012. We are also pleased to see an emphasis on local sourcing across major ingredient categories, including produce, a vital component of children’s diets.”

— Michael Ty, CEC, AAC, American Culinary Federation national president

The National Restaurant Association each year surveys professional chefs, members of the American Culinary Federation, on which foods, beverages, cuisines and culinary themes will be hot trends on restaurant menus. The trends were surveyed fall 2011.  Healthful kids meals is one of the main trends they see for 2012.

 Today, Chains and fast-food restaurants are trying to reverse some of the bad publicity they’ve gotten about their kids’ meals. Chains, more than independent restaurants, have a reputation for serving unhealthy food.”

There will be better options for kids’ meals. Historically, when you go out to eat with your kids, the adults have options if they want to eat healthier, but that hasn’t always been the case for kids. That’s changing.”

McDonald’s rolled out its slimmed-down Happy Meal — featuring apples and a smaller portion of fries — in Columbus this fall.

The National Restaurant Association this year launched the Kids LiveWell program in which dietitians work with restaurant chains to develop healthier menu items featuring lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products.

Not everyone is eschewing fries. Andrew Freeman & Co., a restaurant-industry consulting firm based in San Francisco, predicts that French fries are making a comeback after years of languishing under the low- and no-carb diet crazes.

 “People aren’t immediately sold on the idea of potato replacing bread in their meals, but after some sampling, it’s been an easy sell,” McCarthy said. “There’s an immediate indulgent gratification, along with a sustained satiated feeling that stretches their dollar. It all boils down to the economy. People want to get the most for their money.”



Memory enhancement


The US government is researching how combat experience can be downloaded in to the heads of raw air force recruits. Other researchers have already figured out how to operate machines simply by thinking about the action you require (useful if you’re physically disabled for instance).  How long before you can download your life into another brain or download your consciousness into a machine? The process of memory being watched isn’t the first study. The first study was in 1991. Where a total of 170 air traffic controllers throughout the U.S. described their experiences and techniques in managing air traffic during the course of 45-minute, in-depth interviews conducted in 1991. Through this they learned that being in the air force led to memory lost, which led to today as in trying to download combat into the air force recruits.

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Google Goggles

Google Goggles – As of October 2011, the updated Google Goggles is running on version 1.6.1[6] which adds a new feature: It can analyze a picture taken by the phone camera and return results. Goggles is specifically developed to run on mobile devices running the Android operating system allows users to search the web by taking photos of objects. In fact, in the latest update, continuous shooting mode users no longer even have to take a photo of an object. Instead the app continuously scans everything in the viewfinder, and automatically shows relevant results as it recognizes objects.



WhereToGet.It allows users to post photos from the street, magazines, blogs or films, and ask the community where featured items can be purchased. See something you like, snap a picture and upload, and watch how the world bring your wardrobe to you.